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Early Learning

As an educator, I know the number one way we can make a difference for our students is by ensuring they start learning as early as possible. Their mental growth is the greatest from birth to age five and we must capitalize on this time period in our children’s lives.

I will improve access to early learning for our families across the district by implementing a program to give every child born in Pasco County at least three books and an instructional video regarding age appropriate developmental progress. Every year from birth to the age of 5, the program will mail a new set of books, learning tools, and an updated video giving strategies to the child’s parents for reading and math. Included in this will be a home visit from a retired teacher or trained volunteer when the child is approximately 3 years old. This visit will be an opportunity to drop off the year’s books, as well as, a set of math manipulatives that the individual will show the family how to use in a quick 10-15 minute session.

Similar programs are showing a high return on investment which illustrates the importance of early learning for our children. I will do everything I can to ensure our children have their developmental needs met and help our families set their children up for the best life possible.

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