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Recruit & Retain

As the largest employer in the county, Pasco County Schools must retain the amazing staff we already have and fill open positions to continue achieving academic excellence.

If we can retain and fill our open positions, students will have shorter bus rides, cleaner schools, faster lunch lines, more certified teachers in their rooms, and additional support throughout every facet of their learning. Increasing pay, improving culture, reducing paperwork and streamlining workloads will help. Additionally, generational research clearly shows that our younger generations want to know they are making a difference, to have opportunities for self improvement, and of course an enjoyable and fun work environment.

We need to add additional perks for our employees, such as onsite childcare and relocation packages for those willing to move to the area.  The way we currently recruit clearly is not working at the level necessary. We are currently paying private companies to fill some of our openings, sometimes at as much as two times what we would pay the employee ourselves. As superintendent, I will use these funds to increase marketing our employment opportunities within the county. If we aren’t going to advertise on the sides of school buses to make money for the district we could at least advertise for our own openings! Additionally, we can improve our recruiting from northern states where the idea of great weather and no state income tax can be a great selling point.

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