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School Choice

Our district has an excellent and diverse range of programs, but these programs won’t be used to their fullest potential if they are not available to all students. It is imperative to have a choice in your child’s specific education needs, to explore potential career paths, cutting edge technology, ESE resources, and the arts. Consistent engagement increases student outcomes and their potential after graduation. As a parent and educator, I know how important it is that our kids have diverse opportunities and a well-rounded educational experience.

Despite the diverse options throughout the district, I know that transportation to our magnet schools is a barrier for a lot of our working families. Students should be able to attend their zoned community school and have options that include the arts, STEM, exposure to a variety of careers and trades. We need to increase access to reliable transportation to all of our schools, but we need to ensure that our community schools are able to offer our students a variety throughout their academic career.

As the principal who oversaw the district’s first ever elementary school band, presided over the district’s most diverse set of career opportunities for students, and created the largest cultural exchange in our district, I will ensure all our families are able to choose a school site that fits their child’s unique needs and interests.

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