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For the past 12 years as I have traveled to other school districts around the nation while consulting and I have seen a computer or tablet assigned to every student. It is time that our district arrives at this same level of opportunity, and until we do, we risk falling further behind. It is time for us to become a national competitor in education and improve access to technology in our classrooms.

I certainly do not want to see our children on devices all the time, but they need to have them ready and at their fingertips. We need a one-to-one device program to allow our students to collaborate and best prepare them for the workforce. Mastering electronic learning will increase student outcomes and opportunities post-graduation. This is also a powerful tool for our teachers when they check for understanding across the whole class and is a force multiplier in lessons. Teachers need to be able to ask a question and have the entire class respond at one time. This immediate feedback increases student engagement and will guide instructional practices.

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