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Clear and open communication are the basis of trust and this is an opportunity for growth in our district. When I talk with families throughout our county, it is clear to me that we need to improve communication expectations and transparency at all levels. Clear, effective, and consistent communication can help us rebuild trust with our community. So many parents have legitimate fears and concerns about their child’s education and as leaders we must ensure we can rebuild trust by being transparent and responsive to our families. We need to make sure that people clearly understand the “why” behind every decision.

In more recent years, school districts have been under increased scrutiny regarding professional practices and how they are implemented in education. Education has been heavily politicized and it has affected all stakeholders. Pasco County will not teach Critical Race Theory and I will ensure students have access to developmentally appropriate books and modes of media to enrich their education. It is possible to abide by the law, teach the standards, ensure a safe environment for all, and provide a rich education to our children with the right leadership in place.

We also need to increase community input and engagement prior to final decisions so we can elevate the voices in our community. We can also empower our community and increase engagement by improving access to our board meetings. Agendas, meeting minutes, and decisions should be readily available online to the public and explained in a way that can be understood by the community and how they will be affected. Additionally, every school should have a calendar that families can subscribe to, so all their children’s events automatically populate. Never miss another dress up day again!

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