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Parents and staff across the county have seen how many of our students are missing valuable class time due to transportation delays in getting to class. Bus transportation needs to be improved to minimize lost instructional time and we must increase safety on our buses.

Students at my own school, and many others, are late each day because their bus was delayed at the prior school on the schedule. If the prior school does not let the students off the bus and onto campus in a timely manner due to a lack of resources and supervision, then we must improve our resources and remind school administrators that the Florida Statutes state that schools must accept and monitor students 30 minutes prior to the start of school.

Additionally, it is time for us to perform a safety review of our bus stops across the district. Our children must be visible with street lighting, the stop must be a safe place to stand away from traffic, and the routes that children take to get to the bus stops must be safe and non-hazardous.

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